Friday, December 20, 2013

Feeling Down - I Need a Remedy for That? Anyone?

I am always honest in my posts! Conversely, I do not often indulge in digging deeper into themes/issues at hand. This is on purpose…so that you can make up your mind about things without me swaying you towards one way or the other. I try to open up each and very time I post - it is not easy!

I also encourage being positive in spite of what is presented before me. However, I do admit that being positive is hard work. Today, I will not EVEN try. I am "trained" to be positive, but sometimes, one needs a break. So, I will take it - i.e. the break - and just BE.

For some uncertain reason, I am feeling way down, and I have been crying for a while now. Ugh! This really sucks. Sometimes I simply cannot do what is recommended to feel better…even CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is not working. Maybe I was meant to go through this. I am pushing through the dark forest…looking for a light to get me out of this funk.

Such is life…

I leave you with a picture of my feline roommate Dewey aka DUDE. He has a way about him which always makes me feel better. Animals ROCK!!!


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