Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eating Vegan at Boston's North End

I enjoy cooking, and trying out new recipes - don't look so astonished. Conversely, eating out is also fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of vegan options out there. Even in the most unexpected places, you can find something vegan from the menu. This may require using some trickery and borrowing ingredients from one course and transferring those to another. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate you, just be sure to be polite when you choose this route. Go out there and explore. Go on, I will wait. 

Last night after an intense tour of the Harpoon brewery in Boston, MA, on the way back home, I stumbled upon Gennaro's Restaurant at the North End. Before I delve into the description of the restaurant, I would like to mention that Harpoon brewery is great destination for a Bostonian or a traveler alike.

   I ordered a vegan friendly sampler. 

The tour is $5, but don't frown if you don't get a chance to participate, in case it is sold out, during the time frame you are there. You can drink all the beer you want at the brewery's Beer Hall. The Beer Hall is fantastic because you can choose to either sit at the bar or share a table with a bunch of strangers - both equally fantastic options!


Now onto Gennaro's Restaurant at Boston's North End. The have a VEGAN MENU! Say what? While the restaurant does not advertise the vegan menu option on their web site, be sure to ask for it. The only reason I knew about it was through reviews on Yelp.

Check it out! There are no veggie burgers involved. I love a good veggie burger, but I want more out of my dinning experience. Don't you? 

Rigatoni with fingerling potatoes, peas, and pesto. I am going to try replicating this dish one of these days. 
The restaurant is a little fancy pants, but the prices are decent and you don't have to wear fancy pants to dine there. Ok, I am out! Cheers!

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