Monday, September 9, 2013

Polish Street Food - ZAPIEKANKA # Vegan MoFo


No matter where you hail from, you are probably familiar with the street food available in your town. I grew up in a small town in Poland where Zapiekanka was The Queen of All Street Food. This entry is not about a recipe, but rather a humble meal idea for those who are interested in using up stale baguettes and boring leftovers in a fun, new way.

What is Zapiekanka? It is the Polish version of pizza, if you will. I eat it when I don't feel like cooking or need a crunchy and "cheesy" pick me up. Aside from that, it is delicious, simple and can be anything you want, from the toppings perspective of course.

I often use a stale baguette (use fresh if you are so inclined), top it with vegan cheese, mushrooms, and tomato and bake it at 350 F until crispy, for about 6-7 minutes. Other times, I add a veggie burger, leftover pesto or olive tapenade, and vegan parmesan. The possibilities are endless. Lastly, I drizzle it with ketchup as that is the official way to eat it.


Fast Food, Polish style. 

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